The winery

A large 4,000 sq.m. tower house, architecturally inspired by the Old Macedonian mansions, houses the Oenogenesis winery located in the Regional Unit of Drama, on the provincial road of Doxato – Adriani.

The winery is spread over five buildings structured in three levels. On the ground floor is the production, bottling and storage area with a suitable layout to facilitate the winery’s operations.

In addition, it is fully equipped with the latest modern means of production.

The wine bottling and storage area functions as an independent unit and at the same time as a natural continuation of the production area.


The privately owned vineyards of the Oenogenesis winery are located in the Regional Units of Drama and Kavala, which are renown for their temperate climate.


The Mediterranean climate of these areas is characterized by wet, mild winters and warm summers, thanks to the mountainous volume of the Pangaion Hills and the sea breeze of the Aegean Sea.


The cultivation of the vines follows the standards of organic farming for soils that are arid, do not retain water, stony, calcareous and semi-argillaceous.


The lack of nutritional elements for the vine and the constant care to improve our techniques ensure the production of good quality wines.


The varieties cultivated are the Greek Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Xinomavro and Muscat of Alexandria and the international Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Ugni Blanc, Viogner, Grenache Rouge, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.


The Oenogenesis Winery produces and distributes Fegites, Deka, Thyrsus, Mataroa, and Skertso; all wines of unsurpassed quality and taste.

The Wines

The Oenogenesis Winery produces and distributes Fegites, Deka, Thyrsus, Mataroa, and Skertso; all wines of unsurpassed quality and taste.


Excellent, timeless, a constant value in time. The Latin "X" stands for Ten (Greek: Deka) or an hourglass that is slowly gaining time, as is the aging of the wines in this series.


Fegitis: the small skylight. Three Greek architectural designs of small skylights adorn the range of these wines. The mouth of the bottle is like a small skylight through which aromas and flavors emerge as the wine is served.


The name was chosen as a symbol of the human spirit and culture as in 1945, the ship of the same name transported Greeks, artists and scientists from Greece to southern Italy. Their aim was to reach Paris in order to escape the political persecution of White Terror.


Skertso: Borrowed from Italian word “scherzo” which means “joke, play”. It was chosen to characterize the lively character of the wine and the play of aromas and flavors.


The thyrsus in Greek mythology was the ritual wand of Dionysus and his entourage, the Maenads and Satyrs. A small straight stick of natural origin, perhaps of fennel or giant fennel, with a tufted flower at the top. It is often depicted tied with a ribbon or braided with vine leaves. At the top it is crowned with ivy, vine leaves, or a stone pine cone.

What has been said about us

Simply, a fairy tale! A beautiful winery! Marked by taste, imagination, design, courtesy, and generosity. All wines are exceptional. All show great quality! Worth a visit!

Katerina Noitsi

It is an honor for Drama to have this wonderful wine domaine with so much love - reverence - information - quality - an amazing variety - and good prices. It is a truly dreamlike complex. Thank you for existing and will support you as much as we can. We wish you all success!!!!

Dimitris Manolas

The environment is beautiful, the outside is like a fairytale, the service is excellent, the wine is great, and the people are wonderful!!!!!

Maria Kiriakopoulou

"This Wine is not something, it is SOMEONE" (for DEKA, RED 2008)

Hatzinikolaou Dimitris

The newest winery of Drama. Impressive Macedonian architecture on the outside and classic French chateau on the inside. Its wines will leave their mark!!!

Dimitris Sferis

Friendly people, pleasant environment, great wines.

Vasileios Flamouris

SKERTSO White and Rosé are two of the best wines ever!!! Thank you, Oenogenesis Winery!!

Irene Sereti

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

Nefeli Hatzirodia

Amazing hospitality - thank you and we hope to visit you again. I highly recommend a visit!

Vangelis Kyriakidis

Congratulations on today 28/5/2017, in the Drama Wine Testing Celebration for being so exuberant and plentiful in your offerings! Lots of cocktails, lots of wine, and fruit. Everything was wonderful!

Balliou Chrysa

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